The Tomas branch built a stronghold in Alcatraz Island and hid a clue in the base of the lighthouse. For many years, the other branches tried to steal the clue by taking control of the West. When the branches made particular towns too violent, there would always be people in black clothes arriving and make them too scared. The people in black also helped the Tomas protect the clue.

People with this ClueEdit

Amy and Dan Cahill

The Holts


The clue Wormwood is unlockable completing the Wild West combo:


The scene first shows a lighthouse signalling the Tomas crest. The camera follows the light until it comes to a point where the same crest is on the lighthouse. It shines, and the camera zooms in on it, and the word WORMWOOD appears, also shining.

About WormwoodEdit

Wormwood is a plant, also called Mugwort. It's used for flavoring and medicinal purposes.