Thomas Cahill

Thomas Cahill was the founder of the Tomas Branch, and the third child of Gideon and Olivia Cahill.


Thomas was the founder of the Tomas Branch. Thomas was born in 1494. Both he and Katherine believed that it was Luke who set the fire that killed their father. Later, Thomas and Katherine went to Portugal to escape from Luke's spies, where he met Louisa and married her. He stayed in Portugal for the next three years. Soon, Katherine became upset with her brother for choosing lover over duty and ran away from him, taking one of his clues with her. Thomas then left Louisa to look for his sister. Even though he was a great explorer, Thomas was still unable to find Katherine. Finally, when he got to Japan, he settled down and married a Japanese lady named Keiko and had Toyotomi Hideyoshi and three other children. He liked his sister Katherine calling her his "only true sister" and felt angry when she stole his clue.

While he was in Japan Thomas changed his name to Yeamon, and that is why if you look it up, you will see that the father of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Thomas's son) is a peasant named Yeamon.


"Strength above all."


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Thomas Cahill is described as a huge man who has a thick neck and bushy eyebrows by Dan. In The Maze of Bones, Dan comments that Thomas looks a lot like the Holts. He was not a fast thinker, but over time he could solve almost any problem.