When Anne Cahill (an Ekat and holder of a Clue ) survived the shipwreck of the Titanic, her branch thought of a way to keep the Clue even safer from other branches. She obeyed the orders, then she changed her named to Nella Chain to throw other Cahill members off track and moved to America. She never saw her parents again. But then she caught the eye of a neighbor, George McClain (a Tomas), so she knew she had to move with the Clue. Angry at the Ekaterinas for keeping her away from her parents, Anne contacted Amy and Dan's grandmother Grace Cahill to borrow one of planes so she can fly herself with the Clue back to her hometown in Scotland. Then disaster struck - her plane crashed into Loch Ness lake, taking the Clue with it, and was never heard from again. When the Ekats heard of the disaster, they ordered an Ekat Charlie Wallance to guard the Clue with a Loch Ness monster robot they built. And the Clue remained underwater safely for ages.

Clue VideoEdit

The scene first shows a plane crashing headfirst into the sea. Next, in the sea, the camera sees the plane sinking and a strange white object with the word PHOSPHORUS. It zooms in on it, leaving only the word accompanied by bubbles.

Card ComboEdit

Notice: By completing Mission 1: The Lost Clue, you automatically receive Phosphorus as a Clue. Therefor, Phosphorus can be unlocked both in the card combo and the mission.

About PhosphorusEdit

Phosphorus is a lumenescent chemical element.