Olivia Cahill

Olivia Cahill


Olivia Cahill




Gideon Cahill, Luke Cahill, Katherine Cahill, Thomas Cahill, Jane Cahill, Madeleine Cahill


Unknown (deceased) ?-1526

First appear:

The Vespers Rising

Last appear:

The Vespers Rising


Olivia Cahill married Gideon Cahill and had five children (Madeline was born after Gideon died). Her home was destroyed and her husband killed in a fire set by Vespers. She was pregnant with her fifth child, Madeleine, at the time. Her four oldest children scattered, and she taught Madeleine that reuniting the family was the most important thing. In 1526 Olivia died, according to Video 3: Madeleine on the 39 Clues website. Olivia taught Madeleine all the skills of the other four founders. Every time Madeleine does well she uses one of these expressions to praise Madeleine:

a jot of Jane - if an artistic accomplishment

a cut of Katherine - if an intellectual victory

a touch of Thomas - if an athletic achievement

a lick of Luke - if a strategic success



She had a strong sense of family and wanted to keep her family together. She was afraid of the master serum's power, but trusted Gideon to do the right thing about it.


She appears in Vespers Rising, in the Gideon and Madeleine Section.


Olivia was known for her intelligence, since Gideon say in Vespers Rising that she was much more intelligent than Damien Vesper realised. Olivia was also known for her peacemaking skills, as a rule she taught the children to never fight (at least at the dinner table). She also had a knack for acting. She was able to fool Damien Vesper into believing the ring was just a token of love.


She does not appear online.


She appears on the back of Card 111: Anak Krakatau.