Mission 5, or gain the cards in the card combo. Lead is a Tomas Clue.


This clue is controversial, because the mission says that it was hidden in Venezuala, but the black book of buried secrets says that it was hidden in the Haggia Sophia in Turkey, or it could have been hidden twice.

Card ComboEdit

Both this combo and Mission 5: The General's Clue unlock Lead.

About LeadEdit

Lead is a metal formerly used in pencils until it was replaced it with graphite, because lead is poisonous.


You see an aimer aiming at a window. A grappling hook appears, and flies over. The rope straightens, and you zoom over to the window. The camera screen shows the Tomas symbol on the left, the open window in the middle, and the symbol for lead on the right. The lead symbol pops up, and changes into the word LEAD.