Jane Cahill

Jane Cahill is the founder of the Janus Branch.

History Edit

Jane Cahill founded the Janus Branch. She was the youngest known to the four original Cahills, being born in 1497. She had a very close relationship with her older brother, Luke. He honestly cared about her music and writing, and she loved him for that. After the fire, Jane tried to be with Luke, but he abandoned her. Jane was heartbroken. Then, she left the island in order to explore her talents. But Jane quickly realized that it was difficult to be an artist in London because she was a woman. Because of that, she disguised herself as a boy and Jane (named John in disguise) became one of the most famous stars in England. She was 10 years old when she left home.

Her motto is "Arts above all". Her older sister, Katherine, described her as "Too young, too fanciful, to make it on her own." Her symbol is a green wolf and her prized possession was a harp.


She had long dark red hair and brown eyes.In Vespers Rising, when she was ten, Gideon said she had short, straw colored hair with paint,writing,and drawings all over her skin and dress.


Gideon Cahill - Father (deceased)

Olivia Cahill - Mother (deceased)

Luke Cahill - Brother (deceased)

Thomas Cahill - Brother (deceased)

Katherine Cahill - Sister (deceased)

Madeleine Cahill - Sister (deceased)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi - nephew (deceased)

Louisa - Sister-in-law (deceased)

William Shakespeare - great nephew (deceased)

Winthrop Cahill - nephew (deceased)

Mary Arden - niece (deceased)

Keiko - sister-in-law (deceased)

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She loved music and the arts, especially writing, drawing, and painting. She has a great mistrust of family.

In the books, Amy and Dan comment how Jonah Wizard's eyes look exactly like Jane's.


Jane was accomplished in the arts, which included drawing, painting, writing and music.

Jane may also have had knowledge of fighting techniques, since most martial arts are mastered by Janus members.


Card 82: Jane Cahill

Card 82: Jane Cahill

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