Book 6

Book 6

In Too Deep is the Sixth Book of the First Series of the 39 Clues, and was written by Jude Watson. The historic Cahill in this book was Robert Cahill Henderson, an Ekaterina, and he was the only fictional historic Cahill in the series.


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Dan and Amy head to Sydney, Austraia to learn about what their parents knew about the 39 Clues from their dad's cousin, Shep. While going to his house, Isabel Kabra(in disguise) steals Amy's dragon necklace and runs. She then locks Amy in a recreation of a jail cell, which is in a museum, talks to Amy and leaves. On the way out Amy sees a picture of Bob Troppo, who they learn is an Ekat. Then they finally meet Shep, who they like,but don't tell him about what they're doing in Australia. Amy is then lead in to a trap by Ian and is fed lies by Isabel about the night her parents died and was going to be thrown to the sharks but was saved by Hamilton. Then Irina starts thinking about her son Nikolai and how Isabel indirectly killed him and how she'll never do that again. Shep then takes them where their parents went and at one of thwy go down a tunnel to find a clue. They eventually learn that the clue is at Krakatau, where they see Alistair. They then find out that the clue is water and leave. At the end of the book they start suspecting Nellie to be working for someone else.


"You are afraid of everything except what you should fear."

Irina Spasky ~ Pg.54



Secret MessageEdit

To get this code, look on the inside front cover. The numbers on the plane are the page numbers each word is on.

In order, the code is: Find the other Ekaterina scientist who came too close.


To: All Tomas

From: Ivan Kleister

Re: Clue hunters needed


It's time for the Tomas to step up our game. I'm sending ALL agents into the field to find the 39 Clues. We've been playing some good defense, but now's the moment to go for the jugular. Remember, success is 10% determination and 90% doing whatever it takes to CRUSH the competition. Show some good hustle and get out there.

Go Tomas!!

P.S. Bonus points will be awarded for convincing the Holts that there's a clue in their basement and then locking them inside.