The research facility CERN is open to scientists all over the globe. But, it is also a secret Ekat stronghold. The clue was hidden in the stronghold.

Card ComboEdit

This clue can be unlocked by the following card combo:

People with this ClueEdit

Dan and Amy Cahill

Possibly Alistair Oh

About HydrogenEdit

Hydrogen is a gas. It's the lightest element, and is commonly used in balloons and other floating objects because of this. It is one of the most abundant chemicals.


In the cutscene, an Ekat research paper for CERN is shown. The screen zooms in on the paper several times in several places. The screen goes down the "hole" in the middle of the paper, revealing the letter H, which becomes the word "HYDROGEN" (faintly glowing blue) with a flash of many different colors and a loud static noise.