Honey 1

Honey is one of the clues that make up the Janus serum and the master serum.


The clue was hidden by Thomas Jefferson (a Janus), from Abigail Adams (a Madrigal). The Lucians used the Salem Witch Hunts to try to track down this clue by hanging the Janus on charges of witchcraft.

Card ComboEdit

This clue can be unlocked by the by completing The Founding Fathers Card Combo:

People with this ClueEdit


Honey is a sweet, sticky, amber-gold food that is used around the world as a natural sweetener. It is made from bees. Honey is the only food that never spoils, which is maybe why it's a clue, because of its ability to be stored for a long time in the same place.


In the cutscene, it shows an image of Thomas Jefferson's home, and then, zooms in on an attic window, showing a beehive with the Janus crest near it and a few bees buzzing around it. A bee then flies by the screen, creating a louder buzzing noise and making the screen go black. The word "HONEY" is shown, glowing in the color blue.