Arthur and Hope Trent


Arthur Josiah Trent was born to a family with close ties to the Vespers organization. He was raised to hate the Cahills and think of them as weaklings; however, when he met Hope Cahill he was enchanted by her beauty, intellect, and kindness. He became a math professor. He attended West Point Military Academy, and was roommates with Eisenhower Holt, as revealed on Card 145. He found evidence that Eisenhower "breached a moral code" and had him expelled. This made him an enemy of Eisenhower Holt , which is why Eisenhower is so cold to Amy and Dan. Later, he met Hope Cahill in Istanbul and married her. When they married, he adopted her last name, Cahill. Together, Arthur and Hope had two children: Amy and Dan Cahill. He died in a fire that was started by Isabel Kabra . On his card it reveals he had a secret agenda. Although he was never granted full Madrigal status, he rose to be one of their top agents. As revealed in the Black Book of Buried Secrets, it is told he has close ties to the Vespers. He was sent to Turkey at the same time as Hope because he had been ordered to make Hope fall in love with him. Instead, he fell in love with her, and realized terrifying information about the Vespers, so he cut his ties to the Vespers. Even though it would put him in danger for the rest of his life. Before he proposed, Arthur told Hope about his mission, but she already knew. He later became a professor in Boston.



The Maze of Bones Edit

In The Maze of Bones, Dan has a picture of his father. He is described as being tall and tan, with salt-and-pepper hair and a nice smile.

In Too DeepEdit

It is revealed that they died because of a fire that Isabel Kabra set when Amy and Dan were young. He came back to the house to find the poem to which may have led to many clues.


He was a math professor before he died. Arthur was brave enough to sever his ties with the Vespers in order to help his wife. He was also into the hunt for the 39 Clues with his wife, Hope Cahill.


He does not appear online.


His main card is Card 246.